ShadowGraph Industrial

What is Die Cutting

What are the Different Types of Cutting Options? Stack cutting, Die cutting, Kiss cutting Shadowgraph’s in-house printing processes usually involve printing multiple copies of products such as decals, tags or graphic overlays in either sheets or rolls. Once printed they must be separated into individual parts.   Choosing how to cut those products can depend […]

Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing

Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing I am often asked about the differences between screen printing and digital printing. So, I thought I would use this opportunity to discuss the advantages of each process and how to determine which to use. Screen printing is a stencil process that has been used for hundreds of years whereas […]

What is a Graphic Overlay

What is a Graphic Overlay ? A graphic overlay is a thin film graphic layer that plays a critical role in the design and use of many products. Overlays are usually subsurface printed which means the ink layer is protected against abrasion, chemicals and everyday use by the clear material they are printed on.  Overlays […]