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Graphic Overlays

Made to rest in front of or on top of a surface, graphic overlays consists of a thin layer of polymer or plastic material with printed designs and special characters.   Graphic overlays identify essential information on how to operate equipment, convey branding, and other important system interfaces.  Offering a wide variety of use in many applications and products, graphic overlays can be found in control panels, appliances, membrane switches, and much more.

Graphic overlays play critical roles in both the operation and protection of electronic devices, equipment, and machinery.  A graphic overlay can be a stand alone type label or the top layer of a membrane switch assembly. Shadowgraph understands that the appearance of your product plays a vital role in how it is perceived.  Because the graphic overlay is commonly the first thing customers see when interacting with your product, it’s essential that these components to be attractive, easy to use, and true to your brand.  On top of this, graphic overlays must also be durable enough to withstand repeated use over time.

Subsurface printed on a variety of polycarbonate or polyester materials, they provide a durable and weather resistant way to add instructions, labeling, branding, texture, color, and interactive designs.  Shadowgraph offers a multitude of design options including selective textures, clear or colored windows, custom shapes and cut outs.

A variety of adhesives are available for almost every application depending on texture, surface energy and expected environmental conditions.  Each of our overlays is manufacture to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Industry Applications for Graphic Overlays

  • OEM Products
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Oilfield Equipment
  • Consumer Products
  • Telecommunications
  • Aviation Equipment
  • ATM Machines
Custom printed overlay
Custom printed overlays
Custom Panel Overlays
Industrial Graphic Overlays